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Common Asked Questions

Do you allow Alcohol? The Manor Estate allows its clients to bring in their own beer, wine, hard seltzers and champagne. However, NO HARD LIQUOR is allowed to be brought in by the clients under any circumstances. If hard liquor is desired, then you must purchase all alcohol through The Manor Estate's beverage team. If you are bringing in your own alcohol, you must go through the Manor to hire a bartender and pay to use our Manor Bar Package.

Can we bring in our own Catering, Bakery or Food Trucks?

You bet! (Who doesn't love a food truck!)

Can we bring in our own bar tenders? The Manor Estate allows outside bar services such as The Tap Truck, Pour Decisions, We Do Cocktails and Mad Duck etc. However, if a client is bringing in their own items for the bar, then Bar tenders need to be hired through us. 1 bar tender is required per every 1-100 guests.

Can we bring in our own Wedding Coordinator? Absolutely! They are most welcome.

Can we bring in our own rentals? All rentals must go through The Manor unless you are in the Venue Only Package. In our other packages it is with the exception of the following:



Live Musicians


Photo Booth

How much time do we have? The Manor Estate only hosts 1 event per day and thus the grounds are yours for the day! However events may last for 6 hours (unless otherwise stated) and music must be off by 11. Grounds are open to clients 8 am until 12 am. 

When can my items be dropped off and picked up? All items can only be delivered on the day of the event and must go home that evening. No exceptions! The Manor grounds must be completely cleaned at the events end.

Is there a corkage fee? Yes, $5 per every bottle of wine and champagne brought onto property.

Is event insurance required and where do we get it? Yes it is required. You can get event insurance through whomever you like! We have had clients use WEDSURE, EVENTSURE, or go through their homeowners insurance to name a few.

What is your deposit? We have a $2500 non-refundable retainer that is applied to your final bill.

What is your off-season? Our off season is January, February, July and August.

Do you allow live music? Absolutely! We love live music and think it is fabulous!

Any special Rules? No Hay, confetti or birdseed etc. Candles must be in an enclosed container (like a vase). Smoking is only permitted in the smoking area and no Marijuana or any illegal drugs/substances use will be tolerated.

Can our dog be apart of our special day? Absolutely! Our 4- legged friends though must be kept on a leash at all times and we request that you please pick up after them. If they are/ become excited, we ask that they please be kenneled or brought home. They also must have proof of vaccinations!!!

When do I have access to the Bridal Suite? As early as you like and it is yours until your event ends!

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